We Specialize in Certification / Calibration and Repair for all brands and models of Traffic Enforcement Radar and Lidar Units
Since 1990

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If you would like some guideance, we can help you determine what type of  Certification meets your jurisdictional needs best.



Our On-Site Certification meets or exceeds Manufacturers Specifications for our convienent mobile on-site service.

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We are a private sector lab with IACP/NHTSA approved test equipment for testing Doppler Radar and Laser / Lidar speed enforcement devices.
Our IACP/NHTSA Certification meets:

 NHTSA DOT HS 809-811 specifications for Lidar Certification

NHTSA DOT HS 809-812 specifications for Dopplar Radar Certification

Trusted by hundreds of Law Enforcement Departments for thousands of Certifications every year for 30 years!